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Farm Diary

May 15, 2009

Things are staying busy around here.  Everyone has started planting their gardens, so we have a lot of folks stopping.  We are still picking the asparagus every day. 

Tom has been preparing the fields, so he can begin to plant tomatoes, peppers and egg plant. We will plant three different times so we will have tomatoes throughout the season.  

The greenhouse tomatoes have almost doubled in size.  No the strawberries are not ready yet, but the blossoms are turning into fruit. 

Tom and the men got up early to load up the chickens, they were “harvested” today.  It isn’t a pleasant thought, but they were only uncomfortable for a little while.  They got up early and loaded them up.  Everything was done in just a few hours.  Tom sees the birds through from start to finish.  The birds look really nice.  We will pack them in ice over night and package them tomorrow.  I will have to test taste some tonight for dinner.  No our birds are not injected with anything, they are just washed cut vacuum packed and frozen.  We hope to have them at the stand in just a few days.  

I’ve got to run, the sun is out and I’m sure something somewhere needs to be watered.


May 5, 2009

Welcome to the farm diary. It is my hope, my goal, to put a little note in here once a week or so, to let you know what is going on at the farm, and what fruits and vegetables are being picked.

The season has started. We opened our stand on Sweet Air Road two weeks ago. At our stand, folks are welcome to wonder through our warm, dry greenhouse and take a look at the bedding plants, hanging baskets and containers. We have a great selection for Mother’s Day weekend. Dad was here today, working on small containers for Mother’s day and teachers gifts. Spring has definitely sprung here.

Our greenhouse tomatoes are looking good; the first blossom set of tomatoes are about the size of a quarter now. The bees are in there, pollinating like crazy.

We have about 100 head of cattle. We're raising fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving, a variety of vegetables, along with field crops like hay, corn, soybeans and pumpkins. This spring, we have started to raise chickens. We hope to have them available for sale by the last week of May.

Tom and Andy (my brother in law) have started taking flowers, beef and asparagus to the farmers market on Sunday mornings, under the Jones Falls expressway.

As the weather has been to wet to get into the fields, Tom, Chincho and Fred have been working on repairing the fence, so the cattle can get into the back pasture tomorrow.

We are picking asparagus every day, even in the rain. Fresh asparagus is much milder and more tender.

I was checking out the strawberry patch, and they have already started blooming. Come on, sun!

We raise flowers and bedding plants, many from seed. As you are reading, we have a pretty diverse operation.

I’m working on a recipe section for the website. If you have a veggie, beef, chicken or turkey recipe you would like to share, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it anytime...


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Albright Farms is an active member of Baltimore County's farm service agency, farm bureau, and agcenter board.

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