Albright Farms

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Beef Prices

Beef Cuts
Price per lb

Ground Beef by the pound



ground beef patties


Rib Eye Steak $16.00


N.Y. Strip Steak $15.00
Sirloin Steak $8.50
Sirloin Tip $8.50
London Broil
Boneless Chuck Roast
Shoulder Clod Roast $6.50
Rump Roast $6.50
Bottom Roast $6.50
Eye Roast $6.50
Flank Steak
Brisket $6.50
Beef Stew $6.00
Liver $2.00
Minute Steaks $6.50
fillets $19.00

Prices are as of April 2012, and are subject to change.


Tom Albright has been actively involved in the farm community in Baltimore County for decades.

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