Albright Farms

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Our Cattle

We have our own breeding herd that is primarily Black Angus. We have about 100 head of cattle. We try to calve in early May and June, with just a few in early fall so there is a mix of cattle sizes. We have not had to buy calves for 10 to 12 years, with the exception of changing the bull which is purchased locally.

Our cattle spend the majority of their life on grass; they are raised on grass and grain finished. They are fed all-natural feed that we produce on the farm. Their diet includes timothy hay, alfalfa, corn silage, haylage, barley oats and soybean and shelled corn. The only things we buy are vitamin supplements and soybeans if we run short. We use all-national protein supplements that are soybean meal or alfalfa hay. No hormones or antibiotics are fed. If an animal is injured they are treated with antibiotics. And, our cattle are fed no byproducts. This means they are not feed any alternative sources of protein or carbs such as chocolate or bakery products, whereas others often use these in feed as an economical way of promoting weight gain.

Our beef is highly marbled because it is grain finished. To improve on their pastures we are over-seeding with clover, to reduce the amount of nitrogen needed to apply. This also increases the quality of forage, which improves the quality of their diet and reduces our dependence on man-made (petroleum-based) fertilizers. We are working toward rotational grazing, to make better use of the land as a feed source.
Our cattle are processed in a small, local family-run butcher shop that is USDA inspected. The steers are processed the same day they are brought in. Our beef is dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days (this improves the flavor of the beef). The beef is then butchered into the cuts we ask for, quick frozen in clear vacuum packaging, and ready for sale.

We always have a variety of cuts in stock, but as we only sell what we grow, we do run out of some cuts at times. A steer only makes so many steaks or roasts. Because of this, we are happy to take orders; if you need something special, let us know ahead of time, as it could be several weeks until another steer is available. With planning, we can also arrange for some cuts we may not regularly carry.


Albright Farms is an active member of Baltimore County's farm service agency, farm bureau, and agcenter board.

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