Albright Farms

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Let's Talk Turkey

curioius turkeysThe definition of "free-range" turkey as allowed by government standards is not what most people think. The differences between turkeys raised by that definition and the actual, truly, free-range turkey from Albright Farms are astonishing. You know this, right? And, that's why you're reading our web site, right?

There is nothing added to or injected into our birds.

You'll taste the differences in quality and flavor, and appreciate the differences in nutritional value, as well as the greater overall health value, due to the lack of chemicals used in raising and feeding our poultry

If you want antibiotic-free, hormone-free turkey that is locally-produced, and appreciate all of the advantages of that, we have what you're looking for.

Order Now

Order your turkeys now for Thanksgiving, or other fall pickup dates.

It's easy. Use our online store.


Albright Farms is an active member of Baltimore County's farm service agency, farm bureau, and agcenter board.

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